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Fruit Cocktail

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A recipe for my dad's cool and refreshing Fruit Cocktail. He makes this in the summer time, usually when we have a BBQ or eat al fresco. It can be modified to suit different tastes but I recommend this recipe!

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Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Prawn Salad

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I go through periods of trying to clear my kitchen cupboards and the freezer. I’m a food stuffs hoarder you see and it...

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Broadbean and mint dip

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Come summer I become a sucker for all things “dip”. To be fair, I’m a sucker for all things “dip”...

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Velvet Chicken Pie

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Velvet Chicken Pie has an unctuous sauce and velvety chicken. Perfect for a cozy night in on a cold February evening.

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Eggs Benedict with soldiers

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If it's a been a long week an extra special treat is necessary, and that has to be Eggs Benedict. If you haven't had this before, you've been missing out. It's one of my all time favourite breakfasts when eating out, but is also easy to make at home. This recipe will run you through an easy way to make Hollandaise sauce, and how to poach that perfect egg to pop on top of the ham and toasted English muffin. Delicious.

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Tom Yam Goong

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I've made Tom Yam Goong for you, a Thai classic, which translates as hot and sour prawn soup. I got the recipe from renowned Thai chef and cookery school owner, Somphon Nabnian, many years ago when I had the privilege of attending his cooking classes in Chiang Mai in Thailand. By the way, I've given the recipe in its original form, but even I baulked at 20 chillies and I love spicy Thai food. Just go easy on them and remember it's a lot easier to add something than it is to take it away.

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