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Cressida Bell’s Cake Design blows my mind!

Cupcakes must be quaking in their cases, because this new book on cake design from renowned textile designer and artist Cressida Bell makes them look stuffy and twee. Her ornate and beautiful patterns make you want to bake a cake and spend all day decorating it yourself. Inspirational.

It’s All Good: The FFFY Review

Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook It's All Good was released earlier in the year to a great big hoohah. We've put it to the Food For Friends Yeah! test, trying out the breakfast dishes, numerous salads and fish dishes and the kid-friendly treats. Does it deserve an Oscar or a Razzie? Read on to find out...

Incredible Edibles

This new book is all about being a mini food adventurer and is packed with challenges, recipes and brilliant facts about food. As Matt and I are both a bit older than most readers of the book, we had a good look through it then passed it to our brilliant 6-year-old reviewer and next door neighbour Ruby to give us her verdict


This beautifully styled cookery book features home cooked recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon cake, dinner and dessert and serves them up with gorgeous retro crockery and hand drawn illustrations

Jamie’s Great Britain

We’ve set ourselves a challenge: to review Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook by spending a day cooking through his recipes. From a blow-out breakfast to a three course supper, we’ll be finding out if the recipes really work and just how much comfort food two people and a baby can eat.

The Cookiepedia by Stacy Adimanto

The Cookiepedia recipe book is filled with 50 different types of cookie, from trendy twists on classics to child pleasers. It's easy to use (if you have a US measuring cup) and there's plenty of variety. We'd recommend it as a lovely present for a friend who likes baking!

On A Stick!

The results are in, thanks to teams of researchers and scientists: Foods on a stick just taste better. At least, according to Matt Armendariz, but we're happy to go along with that!

Cook Step by Step

A review of the fully illustrated Cook Step by Step recipe book, published by DK on the 1st September 2010. The self-proclaimed 'modern day recipe bible' has the recipes, but does it have the passion?

Taste Britain

From the genius publishers of Wild Swimming, Taste Britain is a celebration of local food throughout the UK, guiding you through area by area to the best farmers’ markets, specialist shops, pick you owns (my personal favourites!), gastro tours and regional specialities and introducing new food heroes that are hidden to all but the best chefs.