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Foodelity review

We clear our Friday night schedule and plan an Ultimate Dinner for 2, with a little help from Foodelity - an online service that deliver everything you'll need for a great dinner party with friends, including wine and easy to follow recipes.


Cressida Bell’s Cake Design blows my mind!

Cupcakes must be quaking in their cases, because this new book on cake design from renowned textile designer and artist Cressida Bell makes them look stuffy and twee. Her ornate and beautiful patterns make you want to bake a cake and spend all day decorating it yourself. Inspirational.

It’s All Good: The FFFY Review

Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook It's All Good was released earlier in the year to a great big hoohah. We've put it to the Food For Friends Yeah! test, trying out the breakfast dishes, numerous salads and fish dishes and the kid-friendly treats. Does it deserve an Oscar or a Razzie? Read on to find out...


Popcorn: the new crisps?

If you believe the food marketeers, popcorn is supposed to be taking over from crisps. Not just any old popcorn either - gourmet popcorn. We try out the newest varieties from Metcalfe's and ask - do people really eat this as a snack after they've been to the gym (as the packet suggests)?

No.3 Dry London Gin

We pop open a bottle of No.3 Dry London Gin and give it a glug. Featuring six botanicals, it has a strong juniper hit and packs a punch. It's the best gin we've ever tasted - and its makers have sent us three gin-based cocktails for you to try as a bonus

The Best of British: Forman & Field hampers

When a hamper of smoked salmon, Melton Mowbray pork pies, marmalade glazed ham and potted lobster turns up on your doorstep, you know it's going to be a good day. Read on to hear what we think of Forman & Field's gourmet hampers, delivered to your doorstep from £38.50

Incredible Edibles

This new book is all about being a mini food adventurer and is packed with challenges, recipes and brilliant facts about food. As Matt and I are both a bit older than most readers of the book, we had a good look through it then passed it to our brilliant 6-year-old reviewer and next door neighbour Ruby to give us her verdict

The Kraken

Looking like something that only the most debauched and darstedly pirate crew would drink, the rum is named after the island-sized mythical sea beast and is a spiced Caribbean rum with exotic overtones of cinnamon, ginger and clove