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Broadbean and mint dip

Come summer I become a sucker for all things “dip”. To be fair, I’m a sucker for all things “dip” pretty much all year round and I have been ever since I discovered a food processor in the recesses of a cupboard in one of the many flats I have rented over the years.

Lentil & basil savoury pate

Lentil & basil savoury pate is made from brown lentils and despite it looking somewhat bland, it screams with flavour. I wanted to share this to dispel that myth of lentils being boring veggie food for ageing hippies. It is easy to make and full of protein and fibre. Absolutely fab on homemade crusty bread or as a sandwich filler.


Ratatouille is a lush succulent dish that can be enjoyed hot or cold and merits a crusty baguette to mop up the juices. You can use this recipe as a guide, as it's easy to create your own versions depending on what vegetables you have to hand.

Mediterranean Vegetable Tart

A receipe for Mediterranean Vegetable Flan with peppers, aubergine and courgette. The non Vegans can top with goats cheese, as an extra special treat! Also contains a recipe for the pastry case.

Pumpkin Soup

In France this is called the lovely sounding Potage au Potiron, but we'll just call it Pumpkin soup! We harvested only one potiron, but with it weighing 16lbs I decided to use just a quarter of it. If you can't get your hands on pumpkin I think you could successfully replace with carrots. The smell when cooking this is wonderful.

Baked red cabbage

The colour of the cabbage enhances any main course but it goes particularly well with roasts and can be cooked, at the same time, in a casserole on the bottom shelf. It is very temperature tolerant and can even be gently simmered on top of the stove, providing you are there to stir it occasionally. As red cabbages can be large you may have more than you need; any leftover freezes well and can easily be reheated in a microwave.