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Gabby makes a batch of muesli every month, as that's the shelf life for the nuts she uses. Every time the recipe is different, but the basic ingredients remain the same. The proportions are used as a guide, and can be adjusted for personal preferences.

Seeded crisp breads

Gabby's searched the net for crispbread recipes, and not found what she wants. She's experimented in designing her own, and the results are worth sharing!


Who doesn't love breadsticks, especially when dipped in hummus? Don't keep buying your breadsticks from the shop. Follow this easy recipe and make your own!

Avocado dressing

A dressing made from balsamic vinegar, which gives it a nice sweet flavour. This matches perfectly with the avocado, and makes great use of the in built well.

Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes taste great with Greek olives, thick slices of bread, and hummus. Check out Gabby's hummus recipe, elsewhere on the site.

Homemade hummus

Really simple to make, and great with Greek bread, black and green olives in olive oil, and salad with balsamic vinegar dressing.

Pizza toppings!

The recipe for pizza dough and sauce is already on the site. If you're just after some ideas for toppings, here's a few of Matt's favourites. If you've got your own then share them in the comments, and they'll be added to the recipe!

Homemade pizza dough

For this recipe I'll just show you how you can make some nice pizza dough - you can then have all the fun of choosing what to go on it. Of course, I'll also give you a few of my favourite topping suggestions, as well as how to make a simple tomato sauce!