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We’re a food blog who love to share recipes inspired by worldwide travels, eating out and mega home cookery sessions.

I’m sure you enjoy food as much as we do, so why not join in the fun and share some of your recipes with our readers? Or, head on over to our A-Z Index to see what everyone else has shared already, or use the search box below!


Food For Friends Yeah is a food blog for people who love cooking for friends and family.

Imagine the perfect cookbook. It would have tried and tested recipes from around the world. It would be as easy to search as Google. It would offer limitless recipes and when you cooked with it, you wouldn’t accidentally splatter pages and stick them together. It would allow you to comment, share and learn from others’ experiences. It would be free, mobile, global and printable, with regular food advice and news to keep it up-to-date.

We’re striving to create the perfect interactive recipe book and hope you’ll join us on our journey.

Matt Hall, Editor-in-Chef

Matt’s father ran a restaurant and a farm in Devon when he was growing up, but it wasn’t until he moved to Bristol aged 20 that his love affair with food started. He began cooking with his flatmates Paddy and Jonna and over the last decade, has developed a style of cooking for friends and family that suits everyone. He writes recipes for the site and takes most of the photos.


  • Cooking breakfast on a Saturday morning
  • Making up recipes from what’s in the cupboard
  • Cooking for other people


  • A messy kitchen
  • Itemising bills in a restaurant – just pay your share!
  • Mushrooms, yeuch!

Laura Dixon, Eatures Editor

Laura’s grandad was a butcher and she is the site’s chief taster and sweet tooth. She appreciates good food and the importance of food in bringing people together. She writes for the website while moonlighting from her day jobs as a travel writer, which takes her into contact with odd food around the world, and a mum, which involves a lot of cleaning up.


  • Fresh pasta
  • A well-risen cake
  • Having friends over for lunch


  • Making a roux
  • Cleaning sieves
  • Baked beans