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Lord Percy Poppington’s been doing the rounds and was kind enough to drop off some of his new popcorn for the foodforfriendsyeah household to try. Will it be of the cinema scoffing variety, or something to savour? Will I get it stuck in my teeth? Read our mini review to find out…

As much as I like popcorn I have to admit I only eat it when at the cinema. I go for an indecisive mix of salty and sweet and always finish it even before the film starts – is that just me? In my day to day snack eating habits I tend to go for crisps, and nearly always cheese and onion, so it’s safe to say Percy’s got his work cut out!

Lord Poppington’s popcorn comes in four flavours, covering traditional bases with Lightly Sea Salted and Sweet and Salty to more adventurous Four Cheeses and Chilli and Lime. The packets are well designed and definitely marketed more like crisps, so it’s a good start.

The popcorn is a cut above the rest with clean flavours and rarely an unpopped kernel in sight, or tooth. Personal favourite was Chilli and Lime, which had a lovely kick and refreshing lime taste. Laura devoured the Sweet and Salty flavour and I couldn’t keep my little girl away from the Four Cheeses!

With 20g packets at 95p each and the larger 75g packets at £1.49, they’re verging on being expensive. However, I recommend you give them a go as a crisp alternative, or have some to liven up your next film night. You can order packs of 12 from Amazon with free delivery.

For more information make sure you visit lordpoppington.co.uk, where you can learn more about Percy, as well as discover some interesting popcorn facts. Who knew popcorns can pop up to three feet in the air?!

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