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The Friday Wish List: Great Ideas

A bit of a change this week: instead of things to buy, I’m looking at great ideas in food. From a school girl documenting her school dinners and changing the way that other school-aged kids eat around the world to a coffee machine that can print a text in your coffee foam, it’s all happening…

1. School dinners that are saving others

School dinners that are saving others

I came across this fantastic blog Never Seconds via another website this week and am really excited by it. It’s written by a primary school pupil called Veg, and is a blog all about school dinners. She’s been campaigning about better school meals for herself and others, and last year started a club raising money for a charity that supports children in the developing world and pays for their school meals. It’s heart-breakingly kind and brilliant. I love her ambition and it’s really interesting to hear what a child really thinks about what they’re eating too (she rates each meal on a scale which includes how many pieces of hair the meal had in it! I’d hate to be her dinner lady…)

Buy it here

2. Learning about hunger the easy way in Paraguay

Learning about hunger the easy way in Paraguay

This idea is awesome! As part of a campaign to highlight hunger, two pizzerias in Paraguay have collaborated with an ad agency to deliver pizzas late. Customers were assured that food would arrive within 45 minutes but it didn’t; instead, when the pizza arrived, it came with a note saying ‘when you’re hungry, you understand hunger’. Pizzas were offered free of charge, but customers were given the chance to donate some money towards the Food Bank Foundation for people who really suffer hunger.
I love the way it puts hunger in perspective and shows how lucky we all are; it’s also a bold and courageous campaign idea.

Buy it here

3. The Textspresso

The Textspresso

Loadsa LOLs in the home of Starbucks, Seattle, where ZipWhip has come up with an espresso machine that can accept and print texts in your coffee foam in edible ink. Wouldn’t this be the greatest if Valentine’s was round the corner? There must be some other great applications to being able to communicate via coffee too…all I can think about is secret notes and rude messages but that’s just me.

Buy it here

4. Butterfly conservation

Butterfly conservation

From July to October 2012 Belvoir drinks are raising awareness about the countryside and hedgerows of Great Britain with a photographic competition asking people to take pictures of the hedgerows. For every entry they receive, they will donate £1 to the UK charity Butterfly Conservation. What I love about this is that it gives you an excuse to get out into ancient country roads and to really look at what’s going on around you.

Buy it here

5. Sound food advice

Sound food advice

I’ve been talking to Fiona Faulkner this week, a children’s food writer, and she offered me some great advice on eating healthily. “If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple,” she said, “then you’re not hungry enough to eat.” I’ve got a terrible sweet tooth and know that I’d rather reach for anything sweet over an apple, so I’m going to be bearing it in mind this summer.

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