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The Friday Wish List: The world on a plate

We’ve been globetrotting lately, eating some really crazy food (Portuguese-Chinese fusion anyone?) and that’s inspired my take on this week’s Friday wish list.


1. In memory of New York – £31.70

In memory of New York - £31.70

Champagne flutes with brightly coloured bases – they reminded me of drinking Champagne in New York last week

Buy it here


2. Green tea from Tokyo, £28.99

Green tea from Tokyo, £28.99

This cast iron Japanese teapot would be great filled with your own special blend of tea (perhaps from my favourite new place, Lahloo Pantry (www.lahloopantry.co.uk), in Bristol). We actually hated green tea when we visited Tokyo but now we love it!

Buy it here

3. Negotiate your plate $50

Negotiate your plate $50

These designer plates have maps of New York, Chicago and Rome on them, with key buildings marked with red icons. They come in a box with a printed key to help you find your way around. The same company also sells ‘geography glasses’ with images of New York, Pennsylvania, Chicago and Virginia wrapped round them.

Buy it here

4. Inspired by India, £15

Inspired by India, £15

This Black & Blum lunch pot puts me in mind of Indian tiffin tins and bento boxes. It looks like a great way to take a home-cooked lunch into work without it spilling all over your handbag.

Buy it here

5. Continental coffee £40.50

Continental coffee £40.50

This might be a genuine Neapolitan coffee maker, but it reminds me of staying with our friend Chloe in France where we made coffee on the hob every morning.

Buy it here

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