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Montezuma’s – The real chocolate club

Montezuma review - through the letterbox

If you’re struggling to think of what to buy someone special for Christmas, don’t reach for socks and hope it will go well: take some advice from us and buy them some Montezuma chocolate!

We’ve just road tested a monthly selection pack from their amazing Real Chocolate Club and can testify that it is an amazing and inspirational present. In fact, this particular reviewer would be very happy indeed (hint, hint) to get some more… (thanks Matt!)

The premise is this: for £19.99 a month you get a monthly delivery of chocolate, in a pack that cleverly fits through the door like a graze box so you don’t have to pick the parcel up at the Post Office. The minimum order is three months.

It’s chocolate, but not as you know it: three big slabs of the luscious stuff, plus a generous amount of three different types of truffle. In our November box we got a milk chocolate with salted peanuts and butterscotch bar (which was incredible! Salt, chocolate and butterscotch are the perfect combination); a milk chocolate treacle tart bar and a dark chocolate with orange and hazelnuts bar.

Montezuma review - open box of chocolate

On top of them were balanced dark chocolate lemon meringue truffles (which I thought were peppermint creams – my taste buds weren’t on form), dark chocolate Eton mess truffles (not the greatest in my opinion – Eton mess suits milk chocolate better than dark chocolate) and milk chocolate apple crumble truffles (absolutely sensational).

The total pack weighed a hefty 600g and we were bowled over by it. It’s gourmet chocolate and by getting such an unusual selection, we made ourselves believe that we were chocolate tasters, or gourmet chocolate specialists or something (see comments above) – they lend themselves to being savoured and discussed and dissected in a way that normal chocolates don’t.

Montezuma review - close up of chocolates

Given that it is dark and cold outside and we’re watching a lot of box set telly at the moment, the box lasted pretty well (ie we didn’t scoff it all in one sitting) so we’d conclude that it’s great value. The richness and darkness of the chocolate made it something to enjoy over time rather than scoff quickly for a sugar high.

They are a really lovely treat, and by giving a subscription to the club for a few months at least, your recipient will be thinking of you and thanking you right into the New Year every time the box drops through their door. A genius gift.

For more information, or to order your own box, visit

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  1. Thanks for “helping” me taste test these chocolates Laura – due to having a cold I couldn’t taste them! :(

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